Why you should choose Arizona Pool Guy, Inc.

Chris Quam, owner of Arizona Pool Guy, Inc., is a Certified Pool Operator and an Arizona State licensed contractor, ROC #243628, and is Bonded and Insured. Chris has been involved in all aspects of the pool industry in Arizona since 2001. He and his team of qualified professionals are experts at designing and building new pools, remodeling existing pools and pool deck areas, installing pool heat/cooling systems, and certified by Salt River Project and Arizona Public Service to install and calibrate variable-speed pumps.

Chris has a trained team of pool service techs and repair professionals who maintain residential and commercial pools. "You can rely on the fact that our Arizona Pool Guys (and Gals) will show up and do it right every time," he promised.

A native of North Dakota, Chris and his family have lived in Northeast Mesa for 13 years. "We're a part of the community, and we want our neighbors to be able to rely on us and our level of service.

"We're always happy to answer your questions and give free estimates on any service or pool design and repair projects. Please give us a call at (602) 487-4995."


Arizona Pool Guy, Inc.


Green to Clean -- Don't wait a minute if your pool starts to turn green. Call us right away to control and re-balance your pool's chemistry.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Residential Pool Service -- Personalized service to keep your pool and spa sparkling clean. We test and balance chemicals, brush down sides, empty skimmers and remove leaf debris, and backwash as needed. Additional services include vacuuming, tile and chrome cleaning, repairs, and site-specific options.

Commercial Pool & Spa Service -- Customized services to meet the needs of each specific community or business.

Pool Draining and Re-filling -- Does your pool water make your skin feel dry and itchy? Hard water and chemical build-up over time can make your pool water uncomfortable and difficult to keep clear and clean. Pools should be drained at least every two to three years.

Pool Remodeling -- Our design specialists can create your dream pool, no matter how simple or extravagant your desires. We offer textured and various specialized surfaces in hundreds of colors and finishes. New pool decking, water features, fire pits and outdoor kitchens can be included in your plan.

New Pool Construction --  Don't have a pool or spa? Let us design one just for you! Let's get together and talk about your ideas. Consultations are always complimentary.

Pool Heaters and Coolers -- Why abandon your pool during winter. Energy-efficient pool heat pumps work just like your home's heat pump to heat your pool for enjoying Arizona's warm winter days. The same equipment can also be applied to cooling your pool 10 to 15 degrees cooler in the heat of summer.

Variable-Speed Pumps -- Arizona law requires that all failed pool pumps must be replaced with more energy-efficient, variable-speed models. We are certified by SRP and APS to install and calibrate variable-speed pumps.

EVERYTHING ELSE -- We can do everything and anything having to do with pools and pool service. Give us a call for more information -- 602.487.4995.